Client Comments

"As a collector of Vintage Porsche's,  I feel fortunate to have met Matt deGarmo.  I have been around classic cars for over forty years, both professionally and personally. For most of my life I bought and sold my cars all on my own, however, after purchasing my 1964 356 Coupe and 1959 Convertible D through Matt, that all changed.  What I appreciate and respect most about Matt, is his ability to take away all the stress, time and risk out of finding and selling my cars.  His passion and integrity for finding the right cars, finding a buyer for your cars, and caring for your cars, is something you cannot appreciate until you have worked with him.
I consider myself a very knowledgeable Porsche enthusiast, and combining that with Matt's expertise and unlimited network makes for the perfect relationship.  All my future car transaction will be handled by Matt as he brings so much more value to each experience."
Stephen Grisanti - Somers, NY
"Trust, integrity, judgment, knowledge and fairmindedness are traits we all respect; finding them all in one person, Matt deGarmo, has been a rare and exquisite pleasure. It is unlikely that I will ever buy a classic car through anyone else. To put a point on it: if I find a car I want to acquire, I will introduce Matt into the transaction whatever the circumstances. He knows the classic car field like no other I have met. For me, he adds significant value..Matt educated me on the relative pros and cons of the Bentley marque and of the wonderful car I purchased through him: a 1954 Bentley R Type. In curious pursuit, I have spoken to him dozens of times. He graciously managed all aspects of a post-purchase, complete sorting out of "Lily". He eschewed any compensation for the myriad services he provided. He drove the car numerous times to ensure that when Lily was delivered to Sun Valley she would be complete in every way.
The message: Matt deGarmo cares deeply about what he does; he is committed to excellence and client satisfaction. Each transaction is a part of his professional, life tapestry rather than a potentially opportunistic, one-off trade. Based on my research, I do not think my buying experience was unique within the context of the hundreds of transactions in which Matt has acted as a competent intermediary, professional advisor and oft-times midwife."
Gene Cheston - Sun Valley, Idaho
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, Retired

"We have just returned from the 2005 Italia Classica and an extra week of driving the Jaguar XK120 [that you sold us last year] through Italy. We put on almost 1600 miles over 12 days and the car was flawless. We drove all kinds of roads from tiny mountain roads to the Autostrada at over 90 miles per hour. The old car still has plenty of punch and is absolutely rock solid. Again, I can't tell you how happy we are with the car, it has more than surpassed even your rave and well deserved reviews!"
Bruce Aronson-via email
President, Aronson Inc., New York

"After several months of intensive searching, we bought a wonderful 1968 Jaguar XKE Roadster from Matt deGarmo. We had heard many horror stories surrounding E-Type purchases and were somewhat skeptical in dealing with any sellers. However, we feel particularly fortunate to have found Matt and purchased this great car from him. We feel that this car is exactly as good, if not better, than Matt had represented. The car is thrilling to drive, has been critically scrutinized by many Jaguar Club members, and gets rave reviews wherever it goes! We appreciated Matt's direct, no-nonsense style and would highly recommend him to anyone purchaseing a collectible vehicle."
Jaguar Collectors

"When I asked Matt to help market my 1971 Mercedes 280 3.5 convertible, he made certain that it was in the kind of condition that would satisfy a discriminating buyer. By choosing to work with Matt, I placed the sale of my car in the hands of someone knowledgeable in both the marketing and the mechanics of fine automobiles. And because Matt is so well connected and liked throughout the world of classic autos, he was able to network with the people who were truly interested in this type of vehicle. Thanks to Matt, a good car was sold at a fair price that made both the buyer and seller very happy."
Alan Bernhard - Bedford, New York
President, Alan Bernhard Creative Enterprises

"As a first time buyer of a classic car I didn’t even know what questions to begin asking. Matt was a patient and professional teacher, and genuinely helpful and thorough. I am very happy with the car I bought through him, a 1967 Mercedes 250SL, which was exactly as represented. Not only was Matt incredibly helpful throughout the buying process, he was an invaluable resource in recommending restoration work when I had the misfortune of hitting a deer only a month after taking delivery of the car! Happy to report the car is fully restored and driving beautifully. I highly recommend Matt as the only person I would consider buying a classic car through."
Craig Fitt - New York, New York
Mercedes Collector

"Who in his or her right mind would ever consider buying a beautiful classic Rolls Royce over the Internet? I never, in my wildest dreams, thought it would be me. What made it happen was an unparalleled commitment by Matt deGarmo to earn my trust. He went WAY out of his way to guide and assist me at every turn, and every representation he made about the car, or anything related to the deal, was right on the money! I am COMPLETELY satisfied with every facet of this purchase, and, so long as Matt was involved, I would do it all again tomorrow."
Tom Robinett - Winchester, Virginia
City Attorney

"Working with Matt deGarmo in the purchase of my Mercedes 300SL Roadster was a pleasant and rewarding experience. The car was exactly as he said it would be, and he represented both the buyer and seller in a fair and equitable manner."
Joe Buzzetta - New York
Collector/Former Porsche factory driver

"As a long time automobile collector, it is exciting to be able to recommend someone with the unquestioned integrity and good judgement of Matt deGarmo. His concern for my needs and his attention to detail makes working with him a pleasure."
Ernst Benzien - Fairfield, Connecticut
Porsche Collector/Concours winner

"I have had a relationship with Matt deGarmo for many years, involving my activities in both the purchase and sale of significant vintage automobiles. Matt has always been knowledgeable and highly professional, working diligently for me as either a potential buyer or seller. He’s always up front about every aspect of the deal, and he has the integrity to advise me that a price is too high, or that a car’s condition is questionable, even when it means that he may not get a sale. I would not hesitate to use Matt’s services in the future, nor to recommend him to others."
Arthur Urciuoli - Greenwich, Connecticut
Chairman/Merrill Lynch Private Client Group

"I’ve had several dealings with Matt and his company, Classic Motorcars, over a ten year period when he has aquired cars for me. I have found his attitude both helpful and professional, and he is certainly knowledgeable about classic Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor vehicles. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone seeking a car of this type."
Keith Wherry - Sydney, Australia
Rolls Royce/Bentley collector

"I had the pleasure of dealing with Matt a few years ago when he assisted me in purchasing a very rare 1947 Ford 'Sportsman'. Matt accurately described the car to me over the phone, so that when I flew to Connecticut to close the transaction, there were absolutely no disappointments. Because, unfortunately, this outcome is the exception rather than the rule in buying antique cars, I have enjoyed maintaining a most valuable connection with Matt."
Nick Alexander - Los Angeles, California
Antique Ford Collector

"I purchased a 1954 Bentley Continental through Matt years ago, but the experience is still fresh in my mind: from the first telephone contact, through the negotiation, to the delivery of the car to my door, Matt’s handling of the deal was exceptional. How rare in the classic car world that someone cares about his customers as much as he does. I ihghly recommend his services."
Jeff Ayeroff - Malibu, California

"It’s nice to know that someone like Matt deGarmo exists in the vintage car business. Not only did I buy my Bentley from him, but, now that his services include restoration management, I am pleased to place my cherished car in his care for some necessary cosmetic refurbishment."
Frank Allocca - Newton, New Jersey
Bentley Collector