Company Philosophy

Matt deGarmo - President

Matthew L. deGarmo Ltd., Classic Motorcars was founded in 1984 with a simple objective: to offer superior quality classic and vintage cars and to do it with an unwavering commitment to personalized service and professional integrity.

Since our inception we’ve been averaging sales of 30-40 cars per year. Certainly a modest number, but modest by design, in that it allows us to offer an extremely high level of service with each and every transaction. It is not our goal ever to be a volume business, rather to stay manageably small, allowing an extraordinary level of attention to detail. Simply put, our mantra is quality, not quantity.

As the vintage car market has grown in popularity and as prices of the most desirable cars have increased exponentially, it has become absolutely imperative that buyers enter the marketplace supremely well educated. That’s why over the last eight to ten years “investment consultation” (See Services Page) has become such an important part of what we do both philosophically and practically. Whether it results in a transaction for us or not, we encourage you to talk with us first before you buy or sell anything. The initial consultation is complimentary... that it will help you avoid the common pitfalls of a complex market and guide you towards a wise purchase or a satisfying sale is a virtual certainty.

We view our clients as temporary custodians of their automotive works of art. In that regard, we offer a service to ensure that the car is well cared for while in their possession. We will arrange interval service with qualified technicians, arrange proper storage for when the car is not in use and we’ll arrange and manage restoration work if necessary. And of course if the car becomes available for sale, deGarmo Ltd. will happily act as broker to find the car a new home.

What’s been most gratifying over our twenty five years in business is that a significant, and still growing part of our business is from repeat and referral customers. Their satisfaction with exactly how we do business keeps them coming back to do business with deGarmo Ltd. again and again. (See Client’s Comments)